Friday, 23 October 2015

Pre-departure reminders

Please do the following before we meet on 26 Oct:

Hand luggage
  • Personal medication (asthma inhaler, motion sickness pills, plaster, small medicated oil for giddiness/stomachache)
  • jacket, antibacterial wet wipes, passport, pen for filling up immigration form, handbook, LD, external battery, thermometer, mosquito patches for Cuci tunnel visit, empty water bottle). 
  • You can fill up your water bottle after clearing Singapore custom. Keep your wire in the check in luggage. 
Learning Materials
  • Download ibook author (if you have not) - You are going to document your reflection in the iBook. 
  • Create a folder that contains the images you will need for the art project. Wifi may not be available.
  • Put your handout in a file and bring your pencil case. 
  • Wrap your 3 souvenirs individually.
  • Plan your design and colour scheme for the hexagon you are going to make with your Vietnamese buddy. Use your hexagon cutout as a template and trace it on a piece of plain paper)
  • Bring your first hexagon and pack in the 10 you have made. We are bringing the same set of materials over to Vietnam.
  • Download a currency converter app that you like - useful because Vietnam dong is in very big value (Eg: XE)
  • Photostat a copy of your passport and put it in your check in luggage
  • Ensure you download Skype on your phone/LD if you wish to video conference with your family. 
  • Ensure you switch off the data roam before you leave Singapore. Your parents can call Singtel/Starhub/M1 to turn if off in case you turn it on accidentally. It is chargeable and expensive.

See you.....

26 Oct 2015, Monday
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Row 5
7.00 am / 0700
SQ 172

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